DIY diamond painting is conducive to brain intelligence development

1. The purpose of memory observation is to accumulate, and human wisdom is the result of continuous accumulation of knowledge. Accumulating knowledge is inseparable from memory. The language of painting is image, and the accumulation of image also depends on memory;

2. The image is the ability to observe. Observation is an important way to know things and gain knowledge, and it is the foundation for creative creativity. Of course, observation is not just a casual look. It is called intentional and planned visual perception activity in psychology. Painting is inseparable from observation, so is diamond painting;

3. Use the image memory principle of the right brain to freeze a picture in the brain to maximize the image memory function of the right brain. Contribute to create thinking, do not stick to local analysis, view the overall situation, jump forward with bold guesses, reach intuitive conclusions, and estimate major decisions;

4. Creative thinking is the processing reflection of the human brain on reality. After analyzing and generalizing the things we observe, Animal Diamond Painting,we discover the internal relations of things, master the law of Huo development, and thus invent and invent. Diamond painting wholesalers believe that the development of thinking ability is very important for children to learn, master and apply knowledge.

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