Diamond Painting FAQ

The color is not easy to identify. In order to better show the layers of Diamond Embroidery, the designers of some pictures will appear with relatively similar colors, which will also cause customers to unclearly identify the color when placing diamonds. In fact, this problem is easy to solve, as long as the customer draws the color card symbol we provide on the color card strip or directly checks the diamond when ordering the diamond.

The white residue of the dot pen on black Human Diamond Painting is not recommended for newbies who are not familiar with using the dot pen on black diamonds. Practice using other dot pens first, and then apply them after you are familiar with them. This way you can try to avoid the white residue, but with the white Residues can also be wiped clean with a water-free damp cloth.

Why do sticky diamonds fall off?

1. You did not press it after it was glued, resulting in the lack of adhesion between the drill surface and the glue;

2. The colloid is directly exposed to the air under the scorching sun for a long time, and there is a lot of dust in the air, resulting in a decrease in the viscosity of the colloid;

3. The glue fails due to various reasons and is irreversible. Customers can adopt a solution to release the hot melt glue at the bottom of the drill;

4. After the base map is glued to the drill, it will be squeezed by the creases and cause the drill to fall. The best way to properly store the base map is to roll up the bottom with a curved surface.

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