How is the diamond basemap designed?

The diamond-encrusted base map is the crystallization of the hard work of excellent designers, which makes the splendid resin diamonds unite more closely, giving the DIY diamond painting the most sincere soul. The diamond base map consists of many circles (or squares) Diamond Painting. In order to make the resin diamonds more shiny, the designers arrange the circles according to a special matrix effect. Some patterns only have a circle of one color, and some patterns also have circles of many colors. The circles of different colors correspond to the resin diamonds of different colors, making the picture colorful and distinct.

The diamond painting has attached the glue for the diamond setting to the consumer on the diamond base map, and does not require the consumer to use additional glue, which improves the safety and convenience of the operation, making the 6-year-old child to the 60-year-old sixty-year-old old man. Able to set diamonds, many customers tell us that DIY diamond painting makes complicated things very simple. The diamond-encrusted base map is a special fabric. If there are slight stains, it cannot be washed with water, Still Life Diamond Painting but needs to be wiped with a damp towel. But at the same time remind consumers that a beautiful diamond painting needs your careful care.

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