How to make a diamond painting

Diamond paintings are very similar to digital paintings. The only difference is that digital paintings are colored with paint, while diamond paintings are colored with rhinestones, crystals, or diamonds with small particles and flat back. You can buy a complete set of diamond painting materials online or at a well-stocked handmade supply store. Some people find it very difficult to make a diamond painting, but it is not. As long as you are familiar with the methods and processes, you can make commendable works while enjoying your leisure time.

As long as you understand the information on the canvas, you can quickly start DIY your own diamond painting. There are many small squares printed on the canvas, just like cross stitch, the squares have different colors and numbers. Each number corresponds to a diamond grain of one color. Human Diamond Embroidery The numbers will be listed on the form, with diamonds and small bags of corresponding colors printed beside or below the numbers. Usually the form is printed on one side of the canvas. Some small boxes may display letters or symbols; just treat them as numbers.

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