Resin drill is one of the most important materials for DIY diamond painting. After years of development, the technology of resin drill has gradually matured. Its development prospects determine the market demand for resin drills. Resin drills can help them shape their charms. The bold artistic creation is due to the arrival of resin drills. The dream that people can become designers is no longer far away. Resin drills are characterized by sparkle, high quality and low cost. Resin drill ha..
The diamond-studded base map is the crystallization of the hard work of the outstanding designers, which makes the brilliant resin drills more closely united, giving DIY the most sincere soul of diamond painting. The diamond-studded base map consists of a number of circles (or squares). For the resin drill to give a more brilliant effect, the designers arrange the circles according to the special matrix effect. Some patterns have only one color circle, some patterns also have a variety of..
If the feeling is brushed with wall paint and the walls are dull, you should choose oil painting style diamond painting. If the wall is wallpapered, the European style wallpaper chooses oil painting diamond painting, simple European style, frameless diamond painting. If a special material is used for a large area of the wall, the painting should be based on the characteristics of the material. The wood material should be selected with a wooden frame, and the metal and other materials should b..
The specification determines the number of paintings. Since the frame can be replaced, all the lengths and widths on the market today are the length and width of the painting itself, not including the frame. Before you buy a painting, you must measure the length and width of the wall, hang the number of diamond paintings, and calculate the specifications of the required diamond painting. In addition, pay attention to the overall shape of the different kinds Religions diamond embroidery&nb..
The lighting affects the color of the decorative painting. In a room with poor lighting, try not to choose a black and white color 5D Diamond Cross Stitch, which will make the space more dark. On the contrary, if the room light is bright, it is not appropriate to choose warm colors and brightly colored diamond paintings, which will make the vision unfocused or dazzling. Many people like to put the light on the diamond painting, think that this can make the picture look softer, and it has ..
1. European style decoration is suitable for Western classical diamond painting, villas and other high-end residences can consider some portrait diamond paintings; 2. Simple European style room can choose some impressionist style diamond paintings; 3. The pastoral decoration style can be matched with the diamond painting of the flower theme;Different kinds Flowerss diamond embroidery one line shop. 4. The modern decoration is suitable for matching some impressions and abstrac..
1. The height of the Diamond Painting should be referenced by the height of the owner. The center position of the painting should be at a height of 10-25 cm from the height of the master's level of view. This height of the painting does not need to be raised or lowered, for the most comfortable viewing angle. 2. Adhere to the principle of Ning Xiao and Da Da, and create enough space in space to inspire imagination. 3. The distance between painting and painting should be controlle..
Artistic: The main character of hanging paintings is to subtly influence their artisticity, and then to create temperament and beauty for people, and it is not just the use of "filling the wall". Provide a simple and independent space painting, and take into account the combination of painting and real life, let the art completely life. Home Decoration Wholesale . Visuality: The height of the painting has a great influence on the viewing effect. The normal level of human vision, the ..
In the home decoration, indispensable decorations, which give our home decoration a finishing touch, and in this, the role of diamond painting is very large, then it is a problem, then it is a problem, then Just introduce several methods for everyone. 1. Landing method, a basic feature of this method is that the picture frame is large, and there is still space in the house, otherwise it will not be seen, and it is blocked by furniture. Home Decoration Wholesale. 2. The ..
As a popular home decoration decoration, diamond painting has been purchased by more and more people. Whether you are a new home or a home that has been living for many years, you can find the diamond painting suitable for your style on our website. Decorative paintings. Diamond painting is more than just a decoration, it can bring vitality and happiness to our home. Our diamond paintings are rich in variety, including festivals, animals, plants and people.Home decoration low price a..
DIY diamond painting brings together the concept of the popular DIY and the most fashionable concept of flash drill, which can cause great concern in a short period of time; DIY diamond painting is deep in it, and the state of DIY is more accurately amplified, which has been recognized by most people. At the same time, because of the variety of beautiful designs, and the desire and ability of creation in each person's subconscious. DIY diamond painting replaces the new era, ..
If you are a child, simple diamond painting can increase your imagination and creativity. If you are a mother, you can buy a beautiful 5D diamond cross stitch to decorate your home. Welcome to artofficer online order. ..
Home decoration - 30/09/2019
A beautiful diamond painting can make your home more vibrant and artistic. Pick a diamond that suits your style and start dressing up for your home! The classification of diamond paintings are Animal, Human, Landscape, Motors, Myth, Religion, Still life, Cartoon, Christmas and Flowers. Which one do you want? ..
Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is a combination of the delicate and shiny artificial crystal flat round diamonds (some square diamonds) and well-designed patterns. The painter only needs to extract the point drilling tools. The drill is glued to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, so that the completion of a diamond paste, and then slowly fill the area corresponding to each symbol, a few minutes to formally get started. With such a creative diamond paint..
He is a lovely old man who can bring joy and fulfill everyone's wishes.The diamond draws Santa Claus, which is rich in color and vivid in expression. If we can prepare such a gift for our family, it is a very happy thing. DIY Santa Diamonds is your best Christmas gift. Welcome to the Artofficer online shop to order the Christmas gift you want. ..
Here is a Christmas gift for adults and kids. It is a diamond painting. It takes about a month to make a small diamond painting, so you can now choose the diamonds you like for your family and friends. Diamond paintings are rich in color and diverse in style, and colleagues can customize the patterns you want. Welcome to the Artofficer online shop to order the Christmas gift you want. ..
Firstly,look at the service, a good brand needs brand building, so the service attitude is definitely very good, and the good brand is very focused on quality, so generally as long as you say that the quality is a problem, 100% will give you a return. Secondly,look at the price, this is easy to understand, good brands because the design, quality, raw materials, services and other costs are relatively high, so the price will be relatively high, of course, first of all to compare the effect.&nb..
1. Look at the base fabric. The base fabric is preferably a canvas. It is not easy to be dusty, waterproof, and has strong adhesion to the primer. 2. Look at the authenticity of the rhinestones. Now many brands of diamond paintings use plastic drills for color saving. They will fade after a while. It is a fake rhinestone. The real rhinestone is transparent and shiny. It will never be like crystal. Faded. 3. Look at the size of the rhinestone, the size of the rhinestone should also be ..
DIY diamond painting is a combination of the delicate sparkling artificial crystal flat-bottomed drill and the well-designed pattern. The painter only needs to stick the drill extracted by the point drill tool to the corresponding color point on the canvas. A diamond paste, and then slowly fill each color area, a 40CM * 40CM diamond painting can be completed in about 2 hours. DIY diamond painting brings together the concept of the popular DIY and the most fashionable concept of flash drill, w..
Some one bought a product from Diamond Painting online shop and made a beautiful diamond painting, no matter which wall is hanging on the home, is undoubtedly a visual and spiritual enjoyment. However, if you accidentally leave behind the stains, you will always feel very unsightly. Both the bottom cloth and the stain on the diamonds give people an unpleasant feeling. So, how should we remove the residual stains on the base cloth and rhinestones? What should I do if the..
Artofficer Diamond paintings carry forward the national manual culture with simple operation. People who like to decorate their homes love life, and life is ours. No matter where we live or where our dreams are, we should all live well every day. The decoration of the home is warm and elegant. Every family member will feel the comfort and warmth. Artofficer diamond painting is using high quality materials to create a picture of a flawless aesthetic diamond painting, decorate love home fo..
DIY diamond paintings bring together the concept of the popular DIY and the most fashionable concept of flash drilling, which can cause great attention in a short period of time, and it is popular all over the world. The DIY spirit pays more attention to the attitude of living and the pleasure of leisure. Therefore, more and more people are becoming mainstream consumers of this type of leisure entertainment. Today, regardless of the elderly, children, or middle-aged and young people; whether ..
Children's Day is the happiest day of children, and also the most troublesome day of parents who need to prepare children's day gifts for their children. Many parents would not hesitate to buy expensive gifts such as computers, PSV, and toys for children on this day. However, when they send their children gifts, they still have to worry about the Children's emotions . For many children, receiving a gift is not just a matter of how exciting it is. The real thing they n..
Diamond Painting is a new home decoration craft in the recent years. It is a good choice to decorate the rooms. In the market, diamond painting has more advantages than cross stitch. It is more bright and gives people an elegant and noble feelings. 1. It not only has the beauty of cross stitch but also easier to learn.The cross-stitch needs 1 month to finish but the diamond painting takes only 1 day and you can only take 3 minutes to learn how to finish it. 2. The weather is hot...
In the face, diamond painting product has a decorative, entertaining, collectible and educational meaning. It not only can be used for entertainment but also can be used as a gift to others. It can be described as a multi-purpose, value-for-money product. If you dig deeper into the core spiritual connotation of diamond paintings, you will find that it is actually a kind of popular art and culture which allows every ordinary person to perceive the art of perception. And reduce p..
In terms of craftsmanship, diamonds made from round Middle Eastern diamonds are partially inlaid, and diamonds made from matte resin diamonds are fully embedded.The diamond of Diamond Painting online shop is made of resin.   In terms of effect, the Middle East Diamond will be brighter, the color of the resin diamond will be more, the performance of the resin diamond will be richer and more detailed. As a decorative handicraft, it is difficult to..
Mother is more than just a name, it is a sacred and great career. She give birth to us and grow us up. Nothing can express our gratitude to the mother. The little thing we can do is that express our little love during the special festival.   Now is the question. What would you do for your mom in the coming Mother’s Day? Make a big meal? Help them do a house cleaning? Take her to a travel? Or buy her a gift? Here is a great suggestion. Diamond Painting store is professional..
First of all,it can help the elderly to enjoy their leisurely time. And than,it is able to develop children's hands-on ability and patience.Diamond Painting enhance their understanding of color and aesthetics and make them more loving the world. After that,as a gift.You can give your friend a finished product to express your mind, or give them a semi-finished product which can make them experience the happiness and sense of accomplishment.Finally,it can be use to decorate home.Finis..
2018 is coming, Diamond Painting online store wish you a Happy New Year,Looking back at 2017, what happened to you is fulfilled or regrettable. Regardless of whether you have fulfilled or left with regret walking through 2017, 2018 is a new starting point for you, and you can face it with a new attitude. I think 2018 can begin with a small success, such as finishing a diamond painting and hanging it in your room, which will bring you good luck. If you think this is a good ide..
The end of the last big discount, this thing you bought it? Home decoration, hanging year, is not the renewal, you do not know what to look for, you come to our Diamond Painting online store to see, find your favorite, buy a home do it yourself, to complete Can hang later. To this end we have introduced the Christmas Diamond Painting special events, you can gift to your friend or neighbor after the purchase, it is also a very good gift. ..

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